Dr Ba Maw

The Dr. Ba Maw Foundation, Inc. was established in Connecticut, USA in June 2008.

It’s mission is to help enrich the lives of the citizens of Myanmar (Burma) by providing assistance in the public health and education sectors. It hopes to serve as a platform for individuals, communities and organizations everywhere, who wish to work in partnership with it to give meaning and dignity to the people of Myanmar (Burma).

Drastic changes in Myanmar (Burma) have forced many of Dr. Ba Maw's children and grandchildren to leave their native land to work overseas. In gratitude for the stability of their lives, they look for opportunities to serve the underprivileged, aiming to fulfill their father's and grandfather's desire to strive for a better world order. They hope that by combining and consolidating their efforts with altruistic partners, they may contribute towards a brighter future for the people of Myanmar (Burma).